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About Me

For more than 40 years I have worked at the nexus of learning and technology. For 30 years at MIT, I designed and implemented programs to help faculty, staff and students do their work more effectively. I wrote documentation, developed and taught classes, and created e-learning courses and training videos on technology, business, research and HR topics. I completed a Master's Degree program online, in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University Bloomington in 2018.


Now I am an independent consultant, using my skills to develop e-learning and training videos. This portfolio highlights my skills and displays some of the work I completed in my time at MIT.

My Goals

The pace of change in our organizations and universities demands constant learning and renewal. Training must be efficient, effective and engaging and must be delivered to learners on the go. This requires the special skills of instructional designers and developers. Since retiring from MIT in 2019 I continue to work independently to develop learning materials for a variety of situations which spark learning and which are easily consumed by learners.